8.4 m

people in the U.K. are struggling to afford to eat

1.9 m tonnes

of food is wasted by the food industry in the U.K.

250k tonnes

of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible

What's going on?

The problem
Food outlets are often forced to throw away edible, freshly prepared food at the end of trading. However, for retailers with daily  micro amounts of surplus food, there is not an easy way for them to donate this to the local community. Similarly charities do not have a simple way to sign up and manage collections

The solution
Food Drop ensures unsold food goes to local charities rather than going to waste. The Food Drop platform makes it simple and easy for charities to collect food or for volunteers to drop surplus food from retailers directly to them. Anyone can get involved and use the mobile app. We make it quick for retailers to redistribute their food, easy for charities to collect it, and simple for anyone to volunteer and help  local charities access food.
Two members of Soapbox Charity in Islington

Where did it all start?

We’ve been passionate about food redistribution and tech for a long time! Food Drop started as a passion project  while we were at university in 2016. We noticed how much food went to waste at local cafes  and became increasingly aware of how many people struggled to afford to eat each day. We developed a way to connect local charities and stores with surplus food that was efficient and easy to use. Students wanting to volunteer used our mobile app to help with the ‘food drops’

We launched the Food Drop platform in the East of London in August of 2019 🧡

Thank you, all

We are very thankful to all the individuals and companies supporting Food Drop

Our investor
Amitis Partners