Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What is Food Drop?
    A tech platform to connect stores with unsold food to local charities.
  • Q: What type of charities do you work with?
    We partner with a wide range of charities, from youth clubs, to homeless hostels, to family support services. The pre-packaged food is great for smaller or charities that provide floating support.
  • Q: What is a Drop?
    A Drop is the entire process of picking up food from the retailer, walking to the charity and dropping off the food.
  • Q: Are the bags biodegradable or recyclable?
    Currently the bags are not biodegradable. We found that most biodegradable bags that were suitable for us were made using a chemical additive that breaks the bags down into microbeads. We are in the process of setting up a closed-loop recycling system with our charities to ensure that none of our bags end up in landfill.  If you may be able to suggest an alternative, please do get in contact at [email protected]


  • Q: What sort of business can use the platform?
    Food Drop was designed to support stores with regular micro amounts of surplus items. However, we welcome all types of businesses to reach out to us, as we are always eager to learn more about redistribution
  • Q: Does it matter how often I have surplus food available?
    We focus on businesses that have weekly or biweekly perishable surplus items. This can range from once a fortnight to every day!
  • Q: What if I already have charitable collections in place
    We can easily integrate into other collections, and add your current collections to the system, making it easier for you to manage


  • Q: Is the food safe to eat?
    The food is fine to eat but would typically be thrown out at the end of the day, as it cannot be sold the following day.
  • Q: Do I need a smartphone?
    Nope, you can access the service using text message or WhatsApp!
  • Q: What if we are based at multiple locations?
    We can register multiple addresses to your organisation, to support multi-branch and floating charities


General Public
  • Q: If I want to help out a local charity, how long will it take?
    Walking to your chosen charity from your food retailer, should take no longer than a 30 minute walk. You can choose your charity based on how it fits in with your commute back home, to the gym or whatever else you have planned that evening!
  • Q: What if I want to cancel a Drop?
    You can cancel a drop anytime by clicking on ‘cancel’ on the top-right of the screen. Please do try to cancel Drops as soon as know you can’t make it. This way, someone else can hopefully complete the Drop and ensure that surplus food gets to those who need it the most.