A tech platform to connect stores with unsold food to local charities

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Connection between retailers and charities via Food Drop
Clear communication between retailers and charities via Food Drop

How it works

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    Stores confirm whether they will have leftover unsold food on the day and partnered charities are notified.
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    The local charity will confirm that they can collect the food, or ask for some help with the collection.
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    It’s win-win! Stores can contribute to their communities in a meaningful way, and charities can access ready to eat meals & snacks!

Who do we work with?

We partner with a wide range of charities, from youth clubs, to homeless hostels, to family support services. The pre-packaged food is great for smaller or floating charities. They can save on food costs and provide food if they were not able to before!
Crisis Charity
Single Homeless Project (SHP) Charity
Home Start Charity
Toynbee Hall Charity

Building community partners

We are always keen to connect with other organisations wanting to support their local communities.

Some of our community partners
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Janette Collins
Using Food Drop helped us to reduce our costs, as we were able to provide snacks to the 100 young people we support weekly. The platform makes it easy to share collections between myself and four other support workers!
Lee-Xuan Robinson, Operations Manager at Step Forward Charity
Lee-Xuan Robinson
As a charity, this is something that we’ve wanted to benefit from for a long time, but just not had the capacity to organise- Food Drop has solved all these issues and made it so easy to get involved!  We’re so pleased that our charity and the young people we support will be able to benefit