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Food Drop around East London
Business can contribute to their communities in a meaningful way
Simple for branch staff to use
Implemented security measures
We track and support the process in real time

How it works

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    The store will receive an automated call on the day to confirm the collection and surplus amount
  • 2
    Staff can view who booked the collection, and their unique ID number on their dashboard
  • 3
    The charity representative collects the food at the end of the day
  • 4
    Branch staff can track collections and view their connected charities on their dashboard
  • 5
    Stores can adjust and cancel their rota for collections on their dashboards

You're in good company

We’ve worked with awesome brands looking to make a difference in their community. Interested in doing the same?

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  • Q: What sort of business can use the platform?
    Food Drop was designed to support stores with regular micro amounts of surplus items. However, we welcome all types of businesses to reach out to us, as we are always eager to learn more about redistribution
  • Q: Does it matter how often I have surplus food available?
    We focus on businesses that have weekly or biweekly perishable surplus items. This can range from once a fortnight to every day!
  • Q: What if I already have charitable collections in place
    We can easily integrate into other collections, and add your current collections to the system, making it easier for you to manage
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