Donating surplus food to local charities couldn't be easier

Our platform enables you to redistribute surplus food simply and efficiently, support your local community and report accurately on your impact


How it works

Responsible redisribution in three easy steps

Sign up to the platform
Onboard stores across the UK
We find local charity partners
We match each store to a handful of local charities, schools and community groups
Charities collect at the end of the day
Our automated platform ensures that there is a supply of charities to collect from your store

All-in-one platform

We handle food collections across all your UK stores

Simple and seamless
Our automated tech solution is easy to use
Responsible redistribution
We match appropriate charities to each of your stores
Real-time monitoring
Store teams are notified with our automated phone calls if a charity is not available to collect
Impact reporting
We provide monthly reports on the amount of food you have donated, individuals supported and CO2 saved

We are committed to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap by supporting our partners to cut food waste by 40% by 2025

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